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This is just a quick maintenance tutorial before I finally get around to posting comprehensive explanations down the line. These are the same replies I give in direct messages, email responses, and text messages.

Lack of spark in the tailpipes after months of use:

- Remove the spark plugs, and clean them with Brake Cleen, or any cleaner that can remove both oil residue and soot.

- Check all wired connections. This includes the wired connections to the flame coils, the respective grounded wires, and especially the spark plug wires from the flame coils to the spark plugs in the tailpipes.

Driving your vehicle can rattle some connections free rendering the spark output sparse, and possibly no spark at all. You may assume some components may be faulty. STOP HERE.

This does not mean the flame coils, spark plug wires, or spark plugs are faulty. These components rarely ever fail. Personally, I have 15-year-old coils and plug wires on my Mazdaspeed3 seen in the videos. I have only needed to remove and clean the spark plugs.

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