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Author Topic: Can I tap the exhaust pipe or directly weld the spark plug to it?  (Read 3109 times)

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This is not suggested, but this can be done by the vehicle owner. Tapping the drilled hole not only requires that the installer has access to the specific tapping tool and that the tap is properly applied. Tapping the exhaust pipe is suggested because an improper tap can result in a spark plug that is loose. This will cause a bad ground for the spark plug and will ultimately cause a weak spark.

Welding the spark plug directly to the tailpipe is also not suggested, but for a different reason. The weld will likely create a solid ground for the spark plug that will provide a great spark. However, removal of a faulty or old plug will require cutting the welds. Therefore, the modified spark plug non-fouler technique is suggested. The spark plug non-fouler is modified into a spark plug bung placed and welded in the exhaust pipe. Not only would this setup provide a solid electrical ground, the vehicle owner can then remove and replace individual spark plugs.